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An architect, musician and interdisciplinary artist based in Kaunas, Lithuania (also, the creator of the exhibition you probably just experienced).

As an artist, I primarily work with interactive audio-visual installations, some of which have been a part of MoFu (Kaunas 2022) and Lithuanian Architecture Fund's ExP - Experiments Platform.

I approach my work as a form of critique - be it architectural, societal, literary, etc., the core of my work is asking a question and letting the audience try to find an answer for themselves, essentially highlighting and putting subjects that I find to be undiscussed back into common consciousness.

For example, the exhibition I did for irgigalerija, Inside of your skin, I envisioned as a question of communication - how we take empathy for granted and don't question the limits of our own rational understanding of other's subjectivities, how understanding one another is essentially a paradox, as you cannot experience the inner life of another human being - it's too vast and too complex to ever put into any form of expression, yet we rely on that to keep the world running so to speak and rarely inquire about the inner lives of other beings.

Anyways, I'm rambling on, if any of this was interesting, you can find me here and here.

See ya soon!


I'm Karolis Lasys 

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