Katinka Halland SKIN 2020.jpg
Katinka Halland


Digital jacquard weaving, wool, metal alloy chain, steel hooks, 475 x 156 cm, 2020

 Faculty of Contemporary Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen

Håvard Cornelius Schnitler Kranstad

Kissing Cowboys, Kaktus, Cowboy
Digital jacquard weaving, wool, 250 X 160 cm, 2019

Magnus Håland Sunde

Skisse til et ruteåkle / Sketch for a Grid

Two-sided, digital jacquard weaving, wool, linen+viscose, 280 X 160 cm, 2020.

Ingrid Aarset

Iron carpet / Norwegian wood
Painted and laser-cut, cotton canvas 190 x 365cm / 190 x 365cm, 2016

Tim Parry-Williams

Handtowel collection (Edit)
Handwoven and finished, linen, 2018

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