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Oh sweet sweet honey

what a bitter bitter truth

they hide in you.


This is a story about honey.

Sweet, amber-colored, viscous, with a smell of meadows and linden blossoms, a product of the hard and patient work of bees, a kin we usually look at as an example for our civilization. Honey, like bread, salt, water, milk, is a sacred food. Culturally it was seen as divine, a source of richness, truth and wisdom. But as the new century came along this thankful gift became a deadly weapon. 

On 17th of January year 2015 in the village of Stanytsia Luhanska (UA)    an old man, who introduced himself as a local citizen, brought a 3-liter jar of honey to thank ukrainian militants for their service and left. When the military tried to taste the honey – jar exploded.  

One dead, three injured.

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