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How much can you fit in a box wagon? A question to all occupied nations in times of soviet union. In years 1929 to 1930 over 146 thousand wealthy farmers of Ukraine were deported to the northern regions of the USSR and Siberia, in the years 1939 to 1940 over a million of western Ukraine and Belarus citizens were deported in same directions. Wagon after wagon after wagon…

And how long was the trip you may ask? Lets count - 12 days by train in the past, 6 days in the present. It seems now that things happen more quickly, but the patterns and roads didn’t change at all. In 2014 Russia occupied the territory of Crimea and many Crimean Tatars, a Muslim ethnic minority indigenous to the Crimean Peninsula, openly opposed Russia’s actions. For that, many of them were forced to exile and those who stayed will never feel safe. But the ones, who will come back, will do it soon.

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