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for the freedom we really do make a deal with the devil

Enemy of my enemy is my friend. And this is the case of Ukrainians, who in time of WW2 felt the possibility to regain an independent state. In 1941 battalion “Roland” was formed by Ukrainian Nationalist organization preparing to strike Soviet Union. Tempting to be free they had to make a deal with a devil - the enemy of the enemy.

Symbol of repressions and total terror in Ukraine at times of soviet occupation. In 1929, when Kharkiv was a capital of the Ukraine SSR, a group of intellectuals, writers, actors, sculptors, translators and critics were gathering up to celebrate New Years Eve in newly build cooperative house “Slovo” (Слово / Word).     This should have been a start of fruitful time living all together that tragically ended with arrests of intelligentsia in 1932. House of bright future and free word turned into a prison and became a part of the erasure of ukrainian cultural heritage now known as Executed Renaissance. 

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