1. But… Up to the buoy and come back, ok?


2. On solid you can lean, even build. On liquid, however, you can travel.



3. There are places waiting for you to arrive.



4. While there is no destination, the transit place becomes a place to inhabit.



5. Walking is out of fashion, it is too slow.



6. Because maybe you will arrive and there is just nothingness. But, who is brave enough to look at the nothingness without taking the eyes off it?


7. The fluid becomes static and the important things, useless.


8. A conquer implies a negotiation with the space.



9. And the very fact of arriving, makes the space turns into a place; and the place into a landscape.


10. The horse on the sea and the boat on the mountain.



11. But you build the boat, enough that I am the one who will travel.

Flamenco makes me feel so close to my mother tongue that it doesn’t let me go. The roots tighten my hip. I have so much to shout that I could not do it in another language.